About Georg Pastl

Georg Pastl

Georg Pastl has been successfully working in project management for construction projects for more than 30 years. In his capacity as a project manager for a renowned German car manufacturer, he gained extensive experience in the field of construction management. Mr. Pastl broadened his knowledge through his work in Europe, the USA and China. Thereby, he has a profound understanding of the key requirements from an owner’s perspective.

Transparency in cost, scheduling and quality are important as well as auditing and improvement. Every responsible owner and manager has demands on these issues.

It is Mr. Pastl’s claim

  • to help the owner with the selection of the proper site
  • to ensure a sustainable and efficient organization
  • to define the owner requirements as a foundation for the design phase
  • to advise on an effective strategy for purchasing and contracting designers, PCM, Jianli and contractors
  • to initiate the audit at predefined milestones during the phase of design and construction
  • to attract major investors for the best financing/funding of the project

To that end, front-end loading is considered the most crucial phase and a fundamental requirement for a successful project.