Owner Consulting

We provide all necessary  services to support your building project.  We are your reliable partner from the concept phase until the finalization of the project.

    • Project Organisation
    • Programming
    • Site Selection
    • Contracting Design and Construction
    • Investment Solution Auditing Design and Construction Phase


    Our experience enables us to successfully, efficiently and professionally organize our client’s project. In order to be successful, staff and organization of the project team, an execution plan and the implementation of support functions are essential/imperative.It is our goal to establish the needs of the project organization and to define the processes, tasks and responsibilities in consent with our client.


    The most important requirement for a successful construction project is to understand the demands of the owner. In order to achieve this, we use programming to define the project targets and requirements. A comprehensive view of the project, with all parties involved, leads to mutually visualized solutions. In addition, it is necessary to view all the information linked together, in order to define the project requirements for the following design phase. This will be achieved in workshops, where content will be structured and visually displayed comprehensible to all parties involved.

    Site Selection

    Our extensive, professional network allows us to find the best site solution for our clients. We have firm knowledge of land-use rights as well as distinct local requirements. It is our goal to achieve the best results in negotiations with landowners and government.

    Vertragsgestaltung für Planer und Ausführende

    A successful project requires the best contractors for Design, PCM, Jianli and Construction. Our professional network, as well as our extensive knowledge of local characteristics, provides the best starting point to advise our clients on purchase strategies and the selection of proper contractors.


    Our connection to local investors simplifies your search for a suitable investor for your project. We will help you find the appropriate investor to finance your project.

    Auditing der Planung und Ausführung

    With audits at defined milestones during the project we help our client to keep track of the agreed targets. The project will be audited in regard to: status on costs, schedule and quality as well as tasks, responsibilities and processes agreed upon in advance. Furthermore, we point out achievements and necessary improvements.